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Hello everyone,

Our main text is found in 2 Samuel 23:1-5.

David's last words show that:

1- He was an exalted man (v.1)
God exalted and promoted him; David was a simple shepherd boy
David was always humbled when God lifted David from shepherd boy to the king of Israel

2- He was anointed (v.1)
David had the touch of God in his life, not by degrees or scholarships
Psalms 144:1 - the prayer of David

3- He was a devoted man (v.1)

4- He was an inspired man (v.2)

5- He was a disappointed man (v.3-5)
Even if there were some blessings in David's life, he was disappointed about his house (his family)
His son, Absalom, wanted to kill his father
He wanted to have his family to be right in the LORD, rather than having riches

How David rejoiced even if he was disappointed?
He rejoiced in God about the everlasting covenant that God promised him

Please listen to this message. God bless.


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