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Good morning everyone,
This morning we read from the book of Romans 8:33
We like to be on the winning side and in the Bible, we read that we are victorious and on the winning side by the work of Christ Jesus on the cross. It says that we are more than conquerors.
- Psalm 47:5;
Shout on credit, you may not be 100% good right this moment but you can still shout praises to God. Just like Paul and Silas in prison. They sang and praised the Lord before they were delivered.
So sing and praise the Lord even in hardship.
The Abundant victory: the bible says we are more than conquerors.
Courage is not the absence of fear but it's mastery.
Faith will help you overcome fear.
Have you conquered and overcame difficulties so that you can tell the next generation.
Pass on the storied about the time that God answered prayers, delivered from sin.
What have you conquered?
Sometimes in the Christian life, we suffer defeat but we have to get up a conquer, can you overcome the world and public opinions.
Constant victory; while difficulties are present you still can be victorious.
The world needs to see Christian having victory.
We have victory through the Lord Jesus, he has already won the war.
Thank you for listening to this message.
God Bless and have a great week ahead.


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