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Hello everyone,

Our main text is found in Esther 3:1-6;8-9;13 and chapter 4:12-14.

The book of Esther has four main people:
- King Ahasuerus - the King in the book of Esther
- Esther - a Jew who was chosen by King Ahasuerus out of all 25 million women
- Haman - the right hand of the King, a man who is power-hungry. Haman sought to destroy all the Jews after Mordecai did not bow down
- Mordecai - Esther's cousin, who did not bow down on Haman

We can relate to these people in our situation:
Esther represents the Church

1- The plot against God's people
A lot of Haman's around us - trying to bring down the biblical agendas and seeking to destroy the normal based on the Word of God
the spirit of tyranny is coming on the land

2- The persistence of Mordecai
Ch. 5:9 - Mordecai persisted not to bow down to Haman
1 Thes.2:14-16 - Paul was forbidden to preach about Christ, yet he persisted to preach

3- The prayer and fasting
Ch. 4:15-16 - Esther told Mordecai to pray and fast, and Esther and her maiden would do the same

Please listen to this message and pray for our freedom and our country. God bless.


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